The Killing IT Podcast

Hosted ByRyan Morris, Karl W. Palachuk, Dave Sobel

This podcast is a great example of BOGSAT – Bunch of Guys Sitting Around a Table. We all got together one day to talk about working together, figuring out how we could contribute to the broader IT Community . . . and have fun doing it. One of the big take-aways of that day was the Killing IT Podcast.

We are all interesting in broadening the conversation. What the hell does that mean? Well, we realized that we see a lot of “silos of knowledge.” And even more, we see silos of analysis, silos of understanding, and silos of philosophy. Too many people only talk with others in their tiny little worlds.

This is true within the SMB (small and medium business) IT community. It’s also true in the mid-market. And it’s rampant in the enterprise space. But even within each of these, programmers talk to programmers, marketing people talk to marketing people, and support techs talk to support techs.

We also LOVE the emerging world of emerging technology. Humility aside, the three hosts have built some amazing companies, sold some amazing stuff, and help guide the IT industry to where it is today. We love all this nerdy stuff and can’t wait to figure out where it all goes.

We looked for a hole that no one was filling. And we think we found it in a conscious effort to widen the circle. We want o bring in all the people who are working on IoT, LED, Lidar, LI-FI, blockchain, AI, robots, VR/AR, robotics, 3D printing, and so much more. We are constantly looking for the opportunities to integrate all these emerging skill sets.

We are funny, irreverent, intellectual, analytical, entrepreneurial, and excited about where all this stuff is going. We truly live in what Karl calls “The Exponential Century.” With luck, we can help you grab your share of the many gold mines emerging in new technology.

Your feedback is always welcome!

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Episode 107 – Best Practices, Ingram/Harmony, and Water Cooled Servers

Topic 1: Should you rely on best practices? We return to the question of what ARE best practices and how you define them. But more than that, should you be following other peoples’ so-called best practices? Stop leaning on best practices, and…

Episode 106 – Multicloud, Deep Fakes, AI, and More

Topic 1: Stop Talking About Multicloud and Hybrid Cloud It’s time to take this seriously and talk about Integration. As always, we take a stab at the terminology used by our industry and ponder about what’s really going on. We all love jargon, but…

Episode 105 – Cops and Robots, Distributors and Bitcoin

Topic 1: Cops and Robots Move to stop NYC police from using armed robots. Note: The police do not own any armed robots, but they do own some robots. So this is totally a preventive measure. We previously discussed the use of AI and facial recognition…

Episode 104 – AI Mayflower, NFT Artwork, and RMM News

Topic 1: AI Mayflower to Cross the Atlantic This is a recreation of the Mayflower voyage with a 100% autonomous ship. Great for research and proof of concept. The Smithsonian doesn’t talk about autonomous shipping vessels, but that might be an…

Episode 103 – Big Tech Lobbying, Massive Security Camera Breach

Topic 1: What works, works: Big Tech Targets DC via Old-School Media Facebook, Amazon, and Google ads are blanketing inside-the-Beltway newsletters in a bid to rehab their tarnished reputations. The big tech companies are getting ready to do battle….

Episode 102 – Drone-Killing Drones and People-Saving Drones

Topic 1: Drone-Killing Drones Great video from “Drone Hunter.” AI Powered Drone captures and eliminates drones over no-fly zones, concerts, football games, public addresses by politicians, etc. Karl notes that we hope California deploys these to take…

Episode 101 – State of the Channel, 3D Homes, and Splinternet News

Topic 1: ChannelPro State of the Channel survey Bruised but roaring back? We you bruised in 2020? Is this a real reflection of the real channel? Or is this a sampling issue? As always, we think research is good. You just need to be careful about what…

Episode 100 – Zoom Opens the Future, Texas Electricity, and AI Ethics

Topic 1: Zoom begins the next wave . . . getting back to the office We were impressed with Zoom’s announcement of touch-free office connections for receptionist via Zoom. What other emerging technologies can we look forward to as we emerge from the…

Episode 99 – Nouveau Jargon and Visions of the Future

Topic 1: Jargon of the Week . . . DBIO Take it apart: Digital Business Infrastructure Operations. Is this usable terminology? Just another four letter acronym? “Digital Business Infrastructure Operations (DBIO) is an end-to-end approach to delivering…