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Podcasts for IT consultants and managed service providers in the SMB Community.


Karl W. Palachuk has been an IT Consultant since 1995 and is one of the pioneers of the managed services business model. He is the author of twenty books, most of which are also available as audio books.

He is the founder of the Small Biz Thoughts Community and maintains several blogs, including Small Biz Thoughts and Relax Focus Succeed.

Karl has owned several small businesses, including two very successful Managed Service companies in Sacramento, CA. He received his first Microsoft certification in 1995 and his first MCSE in 1999. He was an active, hands-on Systems Engineer until January of 2017.

Amy Babinchak is the owner of three IT related businesses: Harbor Computer Services, Third Tier, and Sell My MSP. She has been working in the small and medium business IT field for more than 20 years. Amy is a technical person with advanced skills in networking design, management, and implementation. She values technology for what it does for people and the success it brings to business.

Amy is also a Microsoft MVP for 14 years. She has received numerous leadership awards and is a valued member of various boards. She is a member of the executive council of the Managed Services community at CompTia.

James Kernan is the author of the 36 Month Millionaire Program, and recently published books, Leadership Essentials for Successful Executives and Business Tips. For the past 12 years, James has served as a Principal Consultant for Kernan Consulting and provides Coaching, Advising and Mentoring programs to entrepreneurs and leaders.

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Building an “Operating System” for your Business

Building an “Operating System” for your Business Brett Jaffe is a strategic coach and advisor for IT professionals. Host Karl caught up with him to discuss the topic of creating a business operating system. Over a period of 25 years, Brett has…

Network Automation with Boundless Digital

Host Karl interviewed Ali Imran from Boundless Digital. Boundless Digital provides a system for Managing Cisco Meraki Organizations. With the Boundless Digital service, one engineer can do the work of many, including automate the deployment,…

White labelled IT solutions for MSPs and their clients

Host Karl interviews Frances Moore from Inbay Ltd. Inbay provides more than just a “back office” NOC or SOC: They can provide almost all of your remove support. We discuss everything from hourly support to outsourcing major projects. Frances Moore is…

Colin Knox on Data Driven Decisions and Data Hygiene

Colin Knox, founder of Passportal, has launched a new venture called Gradient MSP. Gradient MSP is launching the first module of their data intelligence platform, focused on data hygiene and cleaning up all the dirty data that has accumulated in MSPs…

Go from Quote to Cash with Video Capabilities

Host Karl talks with Alan Rihm from CoreDial – . CoreDial is a leading provider of high-quality and scalable cloud communications, contact center, and video collaboration to more than 32,000 businesses. The company’s solutions are quickly and easily…

“Monetizing the Seat” – How MSPs Can Profit from Cloud Services

Host Karl caught up with Jason Bystrak from D&H Distributing. Jason is D&H’s VP of Cloud and Services Cloud and XaaS is positioned to grow as more companies have been compelled to embrace digital transformation throughout the pandemic, moving…

The Real Value of RMM

Host Karl interviewed Tom Watson, Channel Chief Advisor at NinjaRMM. Tom is a former owner of an MSP for 15 years. He’s now with Ninja, working to deliver quality information to MSPs to help them grow their businesses and increase profitability. Tom…

How MSPs Are Managing Their Sales Process

Host Karl caught up with Mario Pirolozzi, VP of Sales at Zomentum, to talk about their Sales Acceleration Platform. Mario is a 10 year industry veteran whose career has been dedicated to assisting thousands of MSPs and IT service providers in their…

Greg from CryptoStopper Explains How Cryptoware Actually Works

Host Karl caught up with Greg Edwards, founder of CryptoStopper, about the details of how Cryptoware works. He’s a great source on this topic since he’s built a product to stop ransomware in its tracks. CryptoStopper creates randomly-named files of…