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Evolved Radio Podcast: Interviews with technology experts, industry thought leaders, business leaders, and other interesting minds. Exploring the evolution of business and technology.

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ERP084 – Content Marketing Done Right

Today on the Evolved Radio podcast, I’m chatting with , CEO of , an award-winning agency that combines journalism, data, and design to create content that resonates with any audience. Having studied how more than 1 million people engage with online…

ERP082 – Emotional Intelligence and EQ

Joining me today on the Evolved Radio Podcast is Stephen Pasiciel with Kerkhoff Technologies. Head of coaching, culture, and talent development. Stephen and I discuss emotional intelligence or EQ. Emotional intelligence is often a stronger indicator…

ERP078 – MSP Insights Series 4

Joining me today on the MSP insights series is Ron Harris, VP of Sales and Partner at Omega Computers. Ron and I talk about how they developed their pricing strategy. Omega also has a very low client churn rate and we explore that as well. Ron tells…

ERP077 – MSP Insights Series 3