Series: Business of Tech

Each day, the flood of technology news hits. In an industry that always changes, those who deliver technology services need to focus on the information that matters to them. The Business of Tech podcast focuses on the news you need to know. Covering both the story and why it matters to the way services are created and delivered, channel veteran Dave Sobel brings you up to speed and gives you resources to go deeper. With insights and analysis, this five minute podcast focuses on the knowledge you need to be effective, profitable, and relevant.

Wed Sep 23 2020: Microsoft’s big MSP announcement, plus RMM’s for sale by hackers

Four things to know today   Microsoft makes a MSP related announcement Spiceworks research on IT trends Hackers are selling RMM access AND ConnectWise bug bounty program  

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Mon Sep 21 2020: Kids privacy concerns expose school from home opportunity

Three things to know today  New data on smart speakers and voice adoption Kids privacy concerns over school from home AND Government warnings on a critical server patch

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Wed Sept 16 2020: Why might customers leave you & ASCII expands benefits

Three things to know today Why might customers leave you?    IoT data shows it’s well beyond emerging AND ASCII Group Expands benefits

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Tue Sept 15 2020: Which cloud provider to pick? Gartner exposes the weaknesses

Two things to know today   Digging into Gartner’s analysis of Amazon, Microsoft and Google   AND TechAisle with Cloud Application Adoption insights

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IT Channel Leadership Diversity Report 2020

We had a summer of reckoning around racial justice. In my interview with Todd Thibedeaux, he brought up his focus on diversity for CompTIA as it related to the workforce. He’s not alone – I’m sure many of you have also been thinking about what…

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Fri Sept 11 2020: The economy around office space provides data

Today The economy around office space   The Voice Interoperability Initiative AND A new hack targets MSPs as the landscape continues to worsen  

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