Windows 11 reluctance – and why it’s bad for MSPs and IT Services Providers

I thought the Windows 11 rollout would get a lot of traditional hoopla. When it didn’t, I started looking into why, and what I found is not good news for technology services companies and their customers. Let’s dig into the questions I asked and what I found.

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1 comment on “Windows 11 reluctance – and why it’s bad for MSPs and IT Services Providers

  1. Amy says:

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. 100% of my clients are coming in because of the lack of depth in the current provider and they are coming in droves. We are getting swamped with new clients. What do these new clients want? They want someone to actually help them not just keep things running. That is not good enough anymore. They appreciate uptime, a great helpdesk and security but what they want is someone to help them use the new tech and be more competitive and productive. It’s the thing that I always tell me clients. We’ll get fired if the client can’t print. But we won’t keep a client because they can print. I’ll be sharing this podcast entry.

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