Robin’s Big Seminar – Report One

We had a great time in Nashville for Robin Robins’ Big Seminarwww.robinsbigseminar.com.

I love this event because it’s crowded with great partners who are totally dedicated to working ON their business (see my Small Biz Thoughts Blog post on this).

In this podcast, I interview four folks: Jan Spring from eFolder, Jeff Dryall from Plan27, Nathan Brebner from Sandler Partners, and Bab Farkas from Computerama in Freeport, NY. The first three are vendors. One of the reasons I like to interview vendors is that they are in business to make money for us. Those who do a good job making money for us become partners for life. The vendors also help to make possible the events we attend!


Jan Spring efolder

Jan Spring – jspring@efolder.com – www.efolder.com


Jeff Dryall and Karl Palachuk

Jeff Dryall – www.plan27.ca


Nathan Brebner

Nathan Brebner – www.sandlerpartners.com


Bob is an I.T. Provider from Freeport, NY. I wanted to interview him because he has such a unique vertical. If you’ve ever thought about focusing on a specific vertical, give this a listen!


Listen to all three interviews and my commentary here:

Listen to the Podcast.




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