Private Equity for MSPs: If he says its bad, why did this owner sell to one?

Peter Melby is CEO of Greystone Technology. He’s spoken out about how private equity is bad for MSPs and for the MSP market. Now, he’s sold to one. Learn who he is, what his perspective is, and what did — and did not — change.

  • What is your position on Private Equity, and why do you think it is bad for MSPs?
  • So what changed in your perspective, particularly now that you sold to one?
  • Did you sell out, did something change, or did you find something unique?
  • COVID impact
  • About the private equity firm specifically – and not all is the same
  • How is this structure different from the typical PE playbook?
  • A core business tenet
  • What is your advice to MSP owners who are considering their own exit?
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