MSP Legislation and the National Society of IT Service Providers: What you need to know.

Karl Palachuk thinks the industry needs to professionalize, and has proposed draft legislation to bring to state houses across the country, and possibly the world. What is he proposing, and what are the next steps?

National Society of IT Service Providers:


About Karl:

Karl W. Palachuk has been an IT Consultant since 1995 and is one of the pioneers of the managed services business model. He is the author of more than twenty books, most of which are also available as audio books.

He is the founder of the Small Biz Thoughts Technology Community and maintains four blogs, including Small Biz Thoughts and Relax Focus Succeed.

Karl has owned several small businesses, including two very successful Managed Service companies in Sacramento, CA. He received his first Microsoft certification in 1995 and his first MCSE in 1999. He was an active, hands-on Systems Engineer until January of 2017.

He now provides coaching and consulting services to IT professionals of all sizes.


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