Justin Esgar – ACES Conference 2018

In this SMB Community Podcast, I am joined by Justin Esgar. He runs an MSP business in New York City called Virtua Computers. They focus primarily on Apple computers.

Justin runs a conference called ACES that will be held in Baltimore, MD May 9-10, 2018. More information at http://www.acesconf.com/karl.

The ACES conference evolved because Justin realized that the technology conferences he was attending we focused on technology more than business. So he got together a bunch of IT professionals for a conference. And while it started out primarily among Mac consultants, the content is very business focused – so the hardware is really not relevant.

Note: Justin is offering a 10% discount on registration. Use the link above and enter the coupon code “karl” at checkout. Early Registration pricing ends March 1st. The coupon code is still good after that, but the base will be higher.

Big unexpected advice you need to listen to: When you attend a conference, finish your coffee! Listen to learn why.



Web Site: http://www.acesconf.com/karl


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This interview is 30 minutes.

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