How this bootstrapped provider hit $36M in revenue, with Marcus Olson

Marcus Olson is the CEO and founder of Pliancy, a technology-enabled professional services company that helps growing startups scale their corporate IT. 

Marcus worked at several startups and realized that smaller companies lacked access to technology that could help them collaborate better, work faster, and communicate more effectively. He knew growth-stage companies could accelerate their missions and create meaningful change—with the right tools and the help of passionate technologists.

Since launching 5 years ago, Pliancy has bootstrapped its way to $36 million in annual revenue and has over 125 employees in 7 offices across the U.S. Pliancy cultivates deep relationships based on trust, not transactions, and strives to put the human element back into IT. With a rare balance of technical knowledge, visionary ambition, and radical empathy, Marcus Olson is leading the charge into a new chapter where technologists are regarded as enablers of human potential.


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