Episode 98 – Betting on Reddit Stock Tips, Apple, and the Future of Privacy

We cannot ignore what’s going on with Reddit. This one is more “of interest” than a direct hit on topics we think you need to know about. There are many ramifications for business people, of course. And it’s also a reflection of some bigger trends in society generally.

We spent more time on Reddit, so this show only features two topics.

Topic 1: /r/wallstreetbets/ . . . Good, bad, or just ugly?

Sub Reddit takes on hedge funds. “Professional” hedge fund managers are selling Game Stop short – and the Reddit users are forcing the stock UP. They are bankrupting professionals hour by hour.

Overall, is this just gambling, or is there s business purpose here?

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Reddit: These folks are intentionally manipulating stocks. Completely outside the world of regulations. https://www.reddit.com/r/wallstreetbets/

Topic 2: Apply Says They’ll Increase Privacy by Default

Apple promises you will be “opted out” by default from targeted remarketing. Is that necessarily a good thing? Do you really want to see a lot of random advertising?

Google has this cool tool – https://adssettings.google.com/authenticated

Apply thinks you value privacy so much that you don’t care that you’ll be ignoring a bunch of ads. Google’s bet is that you will tire of random, unrelated ads and choose to go back to the world where ads are relevant once again.

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