Episode 94 – Open Source RMM and Touchless Controls of the Future

One very serious topic, and two somewhat-lighter topics this week. Please post questions or comments. And don’t forget to share with your friends.

Topic 1: Open Source Managed Service Tools?

Here’s a seriously interesting question: Is open source software for managed services a beautiful vision of the future . .. or a nightmare. We have different thoughts on this one.



Topic 2: The next interface? Gesture controls.

We start with a link to a white paper that lays the groundwork for this discussion. It’s a quick read, and very interesting. We also encourage you to Google “computer gesture control” to dig deep into the kinds of products and software you can start deploying today.

We also added a link to one cool example: BMW’s radio control.




Topic 3: Touchless in 2020

On a somewhat related note, gest controls are one example of touchless controls. Clearly, the need to go touchless has come to the forefront during the pandemic.


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