Episode 91: AI Doppelgangers, Google Outage, and Vaccine Apps

Heading straight on toward year end . . . and Episode 100.

Stay tuned for a December 29th Year-end special. But today’s show is also good.

Topic 1: AI may help you find your doppelganger.

The YouTube video below has a look at the technology involved in AI doppelganger research. You can see right away that this dataset can be used to “crowdsource” the improvement of this technology.

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Mentioned in passing: Google’s AI singing blobs. https://artsandculture.google.com/experiment/blob-opera/AAHWrq360NcGbw?cp=e30

Topic 2: Google went down . . . and the world went down with it.

Well, for a short while. Below is a commentary (not news) about the use of technology to track us and control us. We discuss how accurate this is, and the lessons we hope to learn from the analysis.



Topic 3: Life after the pandemic: What we’re learning from Vaccine Apps

Tracking might be good or bad. “Vaccine Passport” apps may be used for ways they are not intended. Aside from fighting the pandemic, there are some obvious questions about privacy, HIPAA, and personal liberties.

We discuss. And remind you that there’s tech that you might be able to integrate into your service offerings.

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