Episode 85 – Firing Robots, Analyzing AI, and Implementing Smart Tech

Topic 1: Walmart fires inventory robots.

Walmart fires inventory robots after five years. Goes back to humans. Plus, they learned a lesson about customer service (and customer experience).

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Topic 2: Who am I to pick the algorithm?

We’ve talked about AI algorithms having biases built in. Now the question is, how do you manage the choice of picking the algorithms? What’s the decision process for determining the presence of bias? Would the people who do well at building culture also be good at picking the best algorithms?

Book referenced: A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink. (Please see our entire Reading List of books mentioned on this podcast.)

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Topic 3: Life after the pandemic: AI and Traffic Sensors already in automobiles.

Artificial intelligence (AI) applications in the transport sector are stimulating innovations for better and more targeted use of vehicles and infrastructure. This could optimize network performance, support the monitoring and management of traffic, and create the base for solutions that pave the way to future mobility, particularly in cities.

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