Episode 82 – Universal Connectivity, Digital Transformation, and the Smart Office

After spending 49 minutes “warming up,” we hit the record button.

This turned out to be a particularly timely episode.

Topic 1: How close are we to universal connectivity?

And what does that mean, actually? In addition to searching for parity between work vs. home, and school vs. home, we are also looking at rural vs. urban.

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Topic 2: Strategies for transformation (and why they fail).

Ryan’s favorite topic – digital transformation. There’s a lot of talk these days of how Covid is increasing digital transformation. But if it’s too slow, there are other issues as well.

Links: – https://www.techrepublic.com/article/5-strategies-for-cisos-during-a-time-of-rapid-business-transformation/


Topic 3: Life after the pandemic – Smart offices

How much will your office really look different when the pandemic is over. We are not in universal agreement on this.

Links: – https://www.techrepublic.com/article/your-office-will-look-very-different-when-you-return-heres-what-is-changing/#ftag=RSS56d97e7




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