Episode 75 – Emerging Technology, Epic v. Apple (again), and SaaS Management

Episode 75 !!!

It may not be a big event for you, but we feel great about producing seventy-five episodes of The Killing IT Podcast. Thank you for all your support, and for spreading the word.

Topic 1: Retrospective on Changing/Emerging Technology

We started the podcast with a lot of excitement around new (emerging) technologies. So, we thought this episode is a great opportunity to give our updated opinions on some of these technologies.

We mention some of the highlights of CompTIA’s revised “Top 10 Emerging Technologies” report. We have a few that we think are not quite ready for the list, and even one sleeper.

Related Link: https://www.comptia.org/content/infographic/2020-emerging-technology-top-10-list

Topic 2: Update – Epic vs. Apple – week two

As Ryan describes it, the judge played Solomon and split the baby on this one. An interesting development on the legal front re: Epic v Apple. The best line: the current predicament (for Epic) is largely self-inflicted.

Channel strategy is voluntary, and when a vendor chooses to introduce competition or conflict, channel partners are free to opt out. As always, it’s vital to remember that vendors do not own their channels, they must influence channel partners to choose to be in visit with them.

Related Link: https://www.theverge.com/2020/8/25/21400240/epic-apple-ruling-unreal-engine-fortnite-temporary-restraining-order

Topic 3: Life after Pandemic – SaaS management

Yay! A new thing we all have to pay attention to. 🙂

A new “class” of service is now available. In fact, in one week, two companies announced that they are releasing a service: SaaS management. We explain what that is, and give a few introductory thoughts.

The companies are:

Augmentt https://augmentt.com


SaaS Alert https://saasalerts.com

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