Episode 72 – Micro-Management, Chinese Sanctions, and Trifurcation of the Web

Topic 1: Micro-Management 2020

How are managers doing in the world all-remote work? In particular, how are remote managers doing? We continue the discussion of whether we’ll really go back to the office when all this is over.

One element to watch: Not all managers trust employees and believe they can be effective without true hands-on management. We cover a few stats and give our impressions of the world ahead.




Topic 2: Sanctions against Chinese companies will have echoes inside the world of technology.

As Chinese companies are sanctioned for human rights violations, our supply chain is affected. On top of that, these sactions lead to other forces in the world of online collaboration and the global inter-connected Internet. Sub-topics include human rights, cyber crime, overall regulation, and having the virtual world become the “real” world.




Topic 3: TikTok and Bifurcation of the Internet; and maybe Trifurcation, etc.

Life after the Pandemic . . . What does TikTok mean? And does it matter whether it’s owned by a U.S. company, in an inter-connected global Internet? Is TikTok any worse than Google, Facebook, Amazon, and other “western” countries just because the data goes to China vs. San Jose?



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