Episode 71 – Big Tech Businesses and College Evaluations

Topic 1: The “Big Four” IT buisinesses grilled by Congress.

Will there be any real aftermath to these hearings, or is this all just political showmanship?

CEOs from Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google were grilled by Congress. We discuss what this might mean (or not).

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Topic 2: SolarWinds abdicates RMM.

SolarWinds has announced that they’re just going to use the Microsoft tools to manage patch management. Is this simply “opting out” of the RMM game, or a smart move acknowledging that Microsoft does it better.

What does this mean to you as a SolarWinds user? And does it affect you if you use something else? And is there any long-term effect on the industry generally? We discuss.



Topic 3: Life after Covid: College Life Expectancy

How will colleges survive in the long term, and how is this affected by the Covid? Scott Galloway had a great blog post – with a great graphic. He looks at how colleges will emerge from this strange time.

Check out the comments as well.


Love the graphic https://api.profgalloway.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/US_Higher_Ed4.png



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