Episode 70 – VC Funding, Crypto Currency, and Splinternet

Topic 1: Tech VC funding down and moving sideways (not up) due to the pandemic.

Funding for new ventures is being affected by the recession and the circumstances surrounding the pandemic. The change in money makes sense, but the response to social distancing is a new factor the venture capitalists haven’t dealt with before.

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Topic 2: Embracing Crypto Currency

Bitcoin might not be taking over the world, but some very big financial outfits are building their own crypto currencies. We talk about what’s really going on here (embracing blockchain), and more. Plus, of course, our commentary.

Favorite quote: “Money is nothing but alphanumeric data and it would become alphanumeric data not in paper form, but in a form of arranged electrons and photons,”

Related Link: https://www.forbes.com/sites/billybambrough/2020/07/24/visa-mastercard-and-paypal-are-changing-their-tune-on-bitcoin-and-crypto/

Topic 3: Life after Covid: The four Internets. Maybe five.

We’ve talked before about the Splinternet – dividing the Internet between the U.S.-centric and China-centric models. This article proposes two more model: Euro-centric and India-Centric. Each has unique challenges, limitations, and opportunities.

. . . On top of that, consider the emerging Quantum Internet, base on U.S.-centric Quantum computing initiatives.

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