Episode 60: AI and VR in the Pandemic – and Spying on Employees from Now On

Happy “Diamond” anniversary – 60 episodes!


Topic 1: Are we breaking artificial intelligence?

In this era of “pandemic,” our behaviors are different from normal. That can be confusing for AI. In fact, it points out some of the weaknesses of AI data gathering, and how the models can wander off in the wrong direction.


Topic 2: What happened with VR?

This newsletter articles from Axios asks the question: Did Virtual Reality miss its big opportunity in this era of changing technology?


And we ask . . . If not this time, should we be ready for the next opportunity? Or will VR’s time to enter the mainstream never come?

Topic 3: Technology after the Pandemic – Spying on Employees.

Employers have used technology to keep track of employees for a long time. Now we’re taking that to new heights. What lessons will we learn from spying on employees during the new work-from-home movement?

Great quote: “… the new office life is likely to become a pulsating den of surveillance.”



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