Episode 56: A Community Rant, Plus Notes on Education and the Role of Robots

Topic 1: Community Rant – Helping your clients with finances.

We cannot believe that there are “experts” recommending that you lower your rates, forgive debts, and be the financial support for your clients in the rough times ahead! Just because someone bought time on a webinar does not mean that you should be taking their advice.

There are ways to cut costs by offering different services. Please do not create a “loss leader” service in a recession! Cash remains king.

Please do not simply charge less and give the same level of service: That breaks the value chain.

Topic 2: Education and Online Learning – How much opportunity is here?

Sending all the student home has made clear that there are systemic problems with “universal” online education. Many students do not have the Internet connectivity or resources to simply switch to online education.

In addition, there are lots of teachers who have never used online tools to deliver education. And if all the colleges go online, they will compete in ways they have never competed before.

Yes, there’s “opportunity” here, but the world is more complicated than that simple statement implies.

Topic 3: Technology after the pandemic – Robots Welcome to take some jobs

We were struck by the article below on how robots are being accepted instead of feared, at least in one specific example. There have been commentaries for years about the fear of robots taking jobs. But in this strange pandemic context, we’re finding that robots are welcome to do certain jobs that humans aren’t interested in doing.

Link: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/10/business/coronavirus-workplace-automation.html?referringSource=articleShare



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