Episode 52: Women on the Web – and Life After Covid

We have a special guest this week – Marie Rourke, Channel Chief Chief Channel Strategist at WhiteFox Marketing Inc.

So after our catch-up on what we’re doing under quarantine, we jump in.

Topic One: Tim Berners-Lee’s Open Letter on the Role of Women on the Internet

Tim Berners-Lee is widely regarded as the creater of the World Wide Web.

Link: https://webfoundation.org/2020/03/web-birthday-31/

He pinpointed three areas that cause women harm. The first is access. The second is online safety. And the third area that requires attention is gender discrimination that arises from bad engineering/algorithms.

As Dave points out, we brought in Marie so we don’t have just three guys talking about the role of women. Thanks for the assist, Marie!

Topic Two: Ten trends for a post virus world

Here’s the article that got us kick-started. We really encourage you to read this.

After the Virus: 10 Consumer Trends for a Post-Coronavirus World

We enjoy some of the new things people are trying. And we’re happy to see some cool, cutting-edge technology coming into its own. We are particularly intrigued with who is in the right place in the right time.

Topic 3: New Show Segment – Life After Covid

Putting it all together, we introduce a new show segment. We’re going to speculate from time to time on what we think the “new normal” will look like once we are allowed to leave our houses and wander out into the world.

We each give some opinions about what has changed and won’t completely change back after the quarantine is over.



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