Episode 50: Covid-19, China-Influenced Technology, and Billionaire Entrepreneurs

What?! Episode 50 of the Killing IT Podcast! We’re almost at the one year mark. And we really appreciate your listenership.

Topic 1: Coronavirus / Covid-19 and Traveling Today

All of us travel a lot. Some notes from Karl’s travels to Thailand and Cambodia, etc.

We also discuss several industry cancellations and the longer-term implications of this on the broader economy. Since this recording (a couple days a go), CompTIA’s CCF, Channel Partners, and South by Southwest have all canceled.

Other comments on caution vs. panic, supply chain, Christmas sales, and more.

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Topic 2: Technology in Cambodia

Karl’s notes from the field, particularly with regard to sensitive humanitarian work and the effect of China/Cambodia relationships. How this relates to the sex slave trade. The economics of working with other countries.

Again: How does this reality affect your, your clients, and their business?

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Topic 3: Defending High-Tech And Its Billionaire Entrepreneurs

Dave declares a rant regarding a commentary piece in CRN magazine. Ryan and Karl throw in their two cents.

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That’s it for this week. Comments welcome. There’s a form below.

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