Episode 5 – Drones Aren’t Just Drone

Dave kicks us off with the reality of Drones being legalized in Rural Virginia.

Alphabet (Google) has been granted license to allow drone delivery services in rural delivery. But don’t run out and buy one, thinking you’ll be able to fly it anywhere and make a bunch of money. Before you do that, go learn about licensing and permits.

Question of the day: Will the first burrito be delivered to your house by flying drone or autonomous vehicle? (Note – We’ll revisit this later this year.)

. . . Next up: Using virtual reality and augmented reality to fight pain. The only drawback is that you might throw up the whole time.

And Dave goes down the Nerd Hole with Ingress Prime, Pokemon Go, and how all that fun got us where we are with AR medicine.

. . . and should IT professionals really care about any of this?

Books mentioned: The Innovator’s Dilemma and The Innovator’s Solution by Clayton Christensen.

If the question is, can you do all this stuff with new technology? The answer is, probably not. How do you figure out the right technology for the clients at a specific level of technology evolution?

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