Episode 49: State of the Channel, a Dubious Award, and Low-Code Development

Karl’s out this week in Cambodia, so Dave and Ryan are the hosts this week.

Topic One: ChannelPro State of the Channel Info

ChannelPro released their “State of the Channel” report. Dave and Ryan focus in on a few key data points. Number one is, who is a managed service provider (as compared to those who claim to be one).

Once again, we question whether the term MSP has any meaning any more.

Next point – Only 67% are paying attention to security challenges. Does that make sense?

Other topics include cloud revenue and management of cloud infrastructure. Related link: https://www.channelpronetwork.com/article/2020-state-channel-cloud-and-managed-services-are-all-grown?page=0%2C0

Topic Two: Asigra warns that RMM platforms with integrated backup will be the next attack vector for ransomware

Dave and Ryan see this as FUD – fear, uncertainty, and doubt. This “press release” is really just a marketing piece.

Dave says this is an irresponsible move in the current era of outright attacks on MSPs and our clients. Ryan takes the argument to a different level and wonders whether they’re really saying that aggregated services are naturally less secure.

Dave awards to Asigra the first ever Troll Press Release Award.

Link: https://www.pr.com/press-release/806072

Topic Three: Low code and no code application development

Ryan digs into new changes in “Low Code” application development. This concept hit Gartner’s radar about three years ago. There are now hundreds of services that make low-code and no-code development easy to use for the masses.

This is very interesting to folks in IT who used to make a bunch of money selling programming. Now clients can do a lot of this themselves.

But is it a good idea? Will clients destroy their own security? Or perhaps they’ll create something that’s not backed up, not documented, not encrypted, etc.

Link: https://medium.com/swlh/what-is-low-code-development-f45550c3243d 🙂

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