Episode 46 – Ransomware Brings Politicians After Managed Service Providers

One way or another, politicians are getting into our business . . .

Just two topics this week as we spend extra time on one very big subject. A slightly different format for us, but we can’t cover the first topic in ten minutes.

. . . and I think we’ll return to this one again and again.

Topic 1: MSP sued over Ransomware – to the tune of $1.7 Million!

But even more importantly, our entire industry got a wake-up call as the politicians started paying attention to onslaught of ransomware attacks. We think this is big news for the industry!



Topic 2: U.K. Allows Huawei to Build Parts of 5G Network

Does this matter? We think it does – and it affects our business as the 5G networks get rolled out. More and more we are being sucked into a world we don’t control. But you can’t unplug, can you?




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