Episode 40: Drones, Relilience, and Some Notes about This Podcast

Topic 1: Drone food delivery goes nationwide in 2020

Flirtey has announced drone delivery of food services in Reno, Nevada. And they have announced that they will go nationwide in 2020. Earlier they announced a service to deliver defibrillators in emergencies.

We talk a bit about moving the conversation from “drone” to the discussion of the last mile of delivery services.

Link: https://www.aviationtoday.com/2019/12/19/flirtey-trials-drone-delivery-industrial-center-nevada/

That link is a great example of the number of hurdles that need to be overcome in drone delivery.

We’ll try to talk a bit less about drones in 2020, but we do see it as one of the emerging technologies that has moved well past the “hype” cycle.

Topic 2: Resilience and Recharging Your Batteries

Resilience: The concept is that you have to do more than merely relax – you have to relax as deeply as you work. Recharging your batteries – and helping your employees do the same – is extremely important to you business.

Two similar links: https://hbr.org/2016/06/resilience-is-about-how-you-recharge-not-how-you-endure


Plus a bonus from Karl: https://www.relaxfocussucceed.com

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Topic 3: Recap our own podcast

What we’ve been up to.

Dave tells the story of this podcast, how it came to be, and what we’re up to. We are amazed and happy to present our 40th Killing IT podcast.

Our goal since Day One has been to change the conversation in our industry and channel. Please give us your feedback and let us know how we’re doing.

Happy New Year to all.

We’ll see you on Episode 41 next year.

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Happy New Year!





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