Episode 36: Drone War Patents, Engaging Vendors, and the Contract for the Web

Lots of intro chit-chat here. And then . . .

Topic 1: Walmart Kicking Amazon’s Butt with Drone Patents

In the “drone wars,” Walmart has a very cool new patent. They are integrating blockchain into their drone delivery tracking, and developing the ability for drones to pass packages between each other. The goal is to increase the reliability of tracking and documenting the last mile of delivery.

Link: https://blog.freightpop.com/drones-in-supply-chain-management-warehouse-tracking-surveying-delivery


Quote: “The more competition, the greater the chance of regulations in favor of commercial drone operations” — Hadas Bandel

Topic 2: How to Engage with Vendors

We give our opinions and advice about working with vendors. Hint: Find out how the person you’re talking to is compensated. What metrics will be used in their quarterly review or MBO payout?

Note also: Strategies have changed when you no longer have three primary vendors, but have ten.

Topic 3: The Contract for the web: How can a solution provider leverage this?

Tim Berners-Lee (inventor of the world wide web) launched a plan for the future that has been endorsed by Google and Facebook. The goal is to set up some common standard to move everyone toward “the good.”

Principles include: Universal access to the Internet, and respecting and protecting privacy.

This is a very important conversation we will come back to again and again.







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