Episode 25! Massive Anti-Trust Movement in Tech . . . and so much more

Topic 1:

Boom! Attorneys general from 48 states plus Puerto Rico and Washington, DC have joined together in a huge antitrust investigation of Google. (California and Alabama are not joining them.)

We have a lively discussion about this, where it came from, and where we think it’s going.

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Topic 2:

McDonalds is buying their third tech company to use AI and voice at the drive thru. Dave takes a victory lap on voice interfaces.

We talk about the implications for AI, digital transformation, and business generally.

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Topic 3:

Apple had an announcement that we ignored last week. We extend that by ignoring it this week. Instead we talk about Apple turning into a services company. The new phone is . . . fine. But the real story is Apple getting $400-500 per user per year in service revenue. Taking on Netflix in a price war.

And then we wander off into Netflix, HBO, Disney, and entertainment competition generally.

As always, we have fun and try to draw some conclusions for all the IT Pros out there.


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