Episode 24: Smart Stocks, Smart Houses, Smart Announcements

Topic One on this episode is Jim Cramer’s recent “Primer” on cloud stocks. 
We don’t give investing advice, but we go deep on what it means for IT service providers. We need to pay attention to the big picture and where we fit in it. There really is a lesson here on how to follow the money and change your approach in order to grow.
Our conclusion: Focus on the actual consulting opportunity.
. . .
From there we move to an update on Artificial Intelligence. Where is it now and what does it mean for business?
Is your intelligent home very intelligent? Can it draw a leopard?
And more importantly, where are the opportunities for IT professionals? If nothing else, we should be teaching clients about best practices with regard to AI. But where do we start with that? 
And how can we use AI inside our own companies to improve the customer experience?
Our conclusion: Focus on the actual consulting opportunity.
. . .
Finally, as this show airs, Apple is making a big announcement. So we’re not talking about that, but about big announcements in general. Dave’s questions: What?s your biggest bust of an announcement memory, and what is the one you missed the importance of?
Of course our take is to look at this from the angle of business strategy, while having fun.
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