Episode 23: Ransomware Reckoning for MSPs?

Topic 1: Is a reckoning coming for MSPs?

Ransomware attacks are getting worst – and getting broader coverage. We take on the topic head-on.

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What do you do? How should you change your practices? Will the free market take care of this? We discuss lawyers, governments, insurance companies, and more.

A VERY timely topic.

Topic 2: Karl declares a mastermind roundtable.

In the spirit of the Innovator’s Solution . . . how can IT service providers be successful in the next five years? Is there a task we can sell into? Is there a need that we can fulfill? What can IT providers provide that competes with “No Purchase” and the current provider?

Can you claim to be a generalist and wipe your hands of security? We have some thoughts . . . leading back to the perrennial topic of consulting and the business discussion.

And what do you sell when everything’s in the cloud? How do you solidify your success going forward? We have thoughts.

Topic 3: Has the Day of the Chromebook arrived?

Related link: https://www.crn.com/slide-shows/mobility/dell-unveils-the-latitude-chromebook-enterprise-5-things-to-know/2

Dave recently acquired a new Chromebook . . . and he’s impressed.

Should we be deploying these (inside our offices and to our clients)?


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