Episode 2 – Are We In the Singularity?

Normally, we’re going to broadcast new shows on Tuesdays, but for the first few weeks, we are front-loading the podcast with shows so we can propagate through iTunes, Stitcher, and all the podcast places.

Topics here include SD-WAN, 5G, and other things that don’t exist. Well, 5G exists somewhere. Just not in the U.S.

As always, Ryan Morris, Dave Sobel, and Karl Palachuk talk about fast changes and what they mean to you. For example: Do clients actually need a private network going forward? If not, what does that look like?

Topics Include:

  • SD-WAN – Do you have to adopt it?
  • Data, examples, and advice

With a node to Jim Collins’ Good to Great (Go read that).

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More on Tuesday.


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