Episode 19: Facebook Wants to Read Your Brain

Topic One: Can you trust Facebook to read your mind?

One thought is that it’s pretty cool, no matter who creates it. But having Facebook be the creator immediately makes us nervous.

Lessons for you: Losing your customers’ trust lasts a very long time.

Overall, a fun conversation about tech and trust.

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Topic Two: A deeper dive into Microsoft’s services strategy. This starts with a discussion of gaming, but is a reflection on a much bigger picture. Sony and Microsoft are working together to take on Google.

And this is yet another march toward the dominance of services over both hardware and software.

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Bottom line: the relentless move to services will have a long term effect on your business!

Topic Three: More about how services matter. Apple announced a 13% jump in their services while iPhone hardware slows. Wearables is a huge growth area for Apple.

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