Episode 17: Hacking an Entire Country

We’re all back in the house for Episode 17.

We kick off with a discussion of bandwidth. With all the talk about 5G, the US continues to have some pretty slow internet access. See


Dave notes that there is actually a lot of channel potential here. How should solution providers be looking at bandwidth? Does partnering to sell connectivity make sense? What is the channel takeaway?

From there we return to one of our ongoing conversations: What do we do with the mega-sized IT companies? One suggestion is to force them to share some information about their data.

Of course that has several layers. Would sharing make a difference?

Article mentioned: https://www.technologyreview.com/s/613629/making-big-tech-companies-share-data-could-do-more-good-than-breaking-them-up/# .

One potential outcome is that an open data architecture can result in new products and services. As a solution provider, how do you make money on privacy as a feature?

. . . And how do you educate clients on this? Give us your feedback! How do YOU educate clients on this?

Topic 3: Almost the entire country of Bulgaria was hacked! The attack was not sophisticated, and the attacker was far from a genius. And what will be the response? Probably nothing, or close to nothing?

How much noise is too much noise about security? Does anyone care about security anyway?

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