Episode 162: Musk we talk about Social Media and another Data Breach?

Topic 1: Should businesses embrace or avoid social media?

Can we talk about “social media” without focusing too much on Elon?

I think we all love the concept of the Marketplace of Ideas…but the Internet somehow turns that into silos of sewage. 

With Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit, the marketplace allows ignorance and stupidity to win. Maybe they even enhance the ability of misinformation to be taken more seriously than knowledge and wisdom.


Topic 2:

Data breaches happen then nothing.   



Topic 3: The evolving “next normal” of employment.

This story will continue evolving for a while. The employee’s market won’t last forever. But some changes will last. Also: One learns a lot of lessons from one’s first job. 🙂

Return-to-office is driving Gen Z to quit https://www.businessinsider.com/return-to-office-great-resignation-gen-z-thinking-about-quitting-2022-4 Related articles:  Employers who want to see their offices filled again could see some workers quit. Sixty-four percent of workers around the world said they would think about a new job if they had to go back full-time. The age of the tyrannical boss is over — and managers who don’t give employees more freedom will face a talent reckoning https://www.businessinsider.com/tyrannical-bosses-managers-employee-work-from-home-freedom-great-resignation-2022-4 


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