Episode 13 – Social Media Moderation and Money

Dave was off to New Zealand when we recorded Episode 13. So Ryan and Karl took on three topics on our own. Dave will be back next week.

We kick off with a discussion of social media moderation. In particular, why does one social media outlet (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) leave material up while another one takes it down? In addition, we touch on the spectrum from obviously fake to deep fake content. How much can AI help Facebook and others deal with content moderation? AND is this a free speech issue? And if so, does Facebook have the right to regulate our speech?

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Speaking of Facebook, we moved to a discussion of Libra, FB’s new cryptocurrency. With 1.7 billion users without bank accounts, FB is hoping to be the “best” way to exchange money. Can we trust Facebook with our money when we can’t trust them with our data?

There are many good things about the new FB currency model . . . but also some serious questions.

Speaking of security . . . Ryan poses the question of whether it makes sense to have an MSSP (managed security service provider) that is not an MSP (managed service provider)? At what point is this just “outsourced IT?” Or perhaps we’re all MSSPs. Or maybe the truth is somewhere in the middle.


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