Episode 129 – CISA Weighs In – Good or Bad?

Topic 1: CISA Guidelines for MSP Clients

Like it or not, the US Government has defined Managed Services, and published guidelines for your clients and prospects to evaluate you! We expect a lot of heat – and maybe some light – to come out of this document.

Related Links: – https://us-cert.cisa.gov/ncas/current-activity/2021/09/03/cisa-insights-risk-considerations-managed-service-provider 


Topic 2: Forcing options to Apple Pay and Google Pay

In the continuing saga of Apple (and others) forcing app developers to use their pay systems, the government of South Korea has decided that Apple and Google cannot force game makers and others to use only their payment gateways. This is, of course, the beginning of other nations jumping into fray.

We comment – including how this might affect potential lawsuits in the US.

Link: – https://www.cnbc.com/2021/08/31/south-korea-first-country-to-curb-google-apples-in-app-billing-policies.html 

Topic 3: Tesla building their own chip to train self-driving vehicles

What? Tesla joins the chip-making industry – because they can’t buy the chips they need! Is this a sign of impending disruption for Intel, AMD, and others? Tesla has a unique demand, given the specific requirements of their autonomous vehicle strategy. And if they can’t buy chips elsewhere, they’re going to make their own – for now.

Link: https://link.wired.com/view/5e3f0a597e553f71453d575deurb4.7s9/5a9cf463 

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