Episode 125 – Drone Delays, Data Misuse, and Apple Privacy

Topic 1: Drones.. May not be coming.

We’ve been ushering drones for years. But where are they? Why in the age of the drone advancing so slowly? Amazon is slowing things down a bit.


Topic 2: What should the penalty be for data misuse?

Data misuse is a growing topic. In addition to the recent Supreme Court case, we’re seeing companies make pre-emptive moves to make sure employees are not accessing data they have access to. This is a potentially huge issue for IT service providers. After all, we touch lots of client data, and our employees need to keep their eyes to themselves.


Topic 3: Apple to Scan the iCloud for Evidence of Child Sexual Abuse

No one’s going to argue with the goals here. But what’s next? Once the system is put in place to scan the contents of iCloud, will Apple resist looking for other illegal activity? Will the IRS pressure them to look for activity that indicated tax evasion? If nothing else, it’s a chink in the armor of “privacy by default.”


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