Episode 122 – China Takes on Cybersecurity; TikTok Resumes; and Undisclosed Facial Recognition

Topic 1: The Impact of China on the Cybersecurity Industry & Data Protection

China was on both sides of the cybersecurity story last week. On one hand, they were accused by the whole world of orchestrating the attack on Exchange servers. On the other hand, they starting cracking down on cybersecurity internally.

This also has direct implications for US companies selling into China. What will be the impact of these moves on the US security market and our domestic business operations?




Topic 2: Another New Application for Video: TikTok Resumes

TikTok had introduce a “Resume” service. Will you go there for your next hire? Could video essays be the next thing in hiring?

Through July 31, job seekers can upload video resumes with the hashtag #tiktokresumes. Is this just a Gen Z thing?



Topic 3: Toronto airport tests facial recognition software . . . without disclosing it

For several years, the Province of Ottowa tested facial recognition in crowds at the airport. What are the disclosure rules? What’s the ethics here?


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