Episode 110 – Hacked Ice Cream Machine and Right to Repair

Topic 1: Hacked Ice Cream Makers at McDonalds

A very strange right to repair! If you buy an expensive machine, do you have the right to buy a third-party add-on that makes it work better?


Topic 2: EU looking to regulate “High-Risk” AI

High risk determined in two steps by considering whether it may cause certain harms and, if so, the severity of the possible harm and the probability of occurrence.

Possible damages include – death of a person – damage of property – systemic adverse impacts for society at large – adverse impact on financial, educational or professional opportunities of persons – adverse impact on the access to public services and any form of public assistance – adverse impact on [European] fundamental rights


Topic 3: Apple Announces AirTags. Do you care?

Apple’s new AirTags just launched with tracking and location data … and they’ve also thought ahead to include an “anti-stalker” feature to protect your privacy.


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