Episode 103 – Big Tech Lobbying, Massive Security Camera Breach

Topic 1: What works, works: Big Tech Targets DC via Old-School Media

Facebook, Amazon, and Google ads are blanketing inside-the-Beltway newsletters in a bid to rehab their tarnished reputations.

The big tech companies are getting ready to do battle. So they need to soften up members of Congress. Here’s the interesting part: They didn’t use social media to get the job done. They used good old advertising . . . in newsletters.

Of course we use this to look at the whole “Big Data vs. Congress” debate going on right now.




Topic 2: Security Breach at Security Camera Company

IoT security came under a major attack in March. 150,000 Verkada surveillance cameras compromised by super simple hack. The “victims” were as widespread as you can imagine: Jails, gyms, Tesla, and more.

Never, never sell an internet-connected device without adding an additional layer of cyber security. That’s why “value added” resellers and service providers exist!



Topic 3: Massive Data Center Fire in Strasbourg, France

OVHCloud, Europe’s largest cloud provider, has massive fire affecting multiple data centers. OVHcloud’s SBG2 data center in Strasbourg France was destroyed by a fire that also damaged SBG1. OVH manages four data centers on the same site, which we think is odd.

We look at several practices across industry and across the world.




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