Episode 100 – Zoom Opens the Future, Texas Electricity, and AI Ethics

Topic 1: Zoom begins the next wave . . . getting back to the office

We were impressed with Zoom’s announcement of touch-free office connections for receptionist via Zoom. What other emerging technologies can we look forward to as we emerge from the pandemic? Remember: Innovation and technology both affect culture and are affected by culture.

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Topic 2: Texas Electricity

You heard about Texas’ problem with electricity. If not, follow the link below. We’re tempted to draw an analogy to the availability question regarding bandwidth. And we are reminded: All this stuff costs money!

On what this means for the bigger picture, tune into Dave’s point at 18:45 . . . There’s a great analogy here to zero trust access to data and security.

Background on the Texas electrical grid and why it’s not connected to the rest of the U.S.: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Texas_Interconnection

TXU – Your Texas Electricity Company https://www.txu.com/

Texas Public Utilities Commission https://www.puc.texas.gov/

Topic 3: Episode 1 revisit on Ethics

At Show 100, we harken back to Episode 1, in which we addressed ethics and Artificial Intelligence. It turns out, that’s still a relevant discussion. See the last several shows.

Technologists always have to balance what we can do and what we should do. After all, the technology we love can grow much faster than our understanding of the ethics related to that technology.

. . . And, of course, we give an update on the Drone vs. Robots delivering pizzas and burritos.

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