Episode 10 – Benevolence vs. Malevolence in Technology

A follow-up to the topic we started last week.

We kick off with a discussion about ethics in emerging technology. Ethics need to be both internal and outward-facing. And the sooner ethics enters the discussion, the better.

Inventors don’t normally consider the evil possibilities in their creations right from the start. At what point should they?

Referenced article: https://www.cnn.com/2019/05/24/tech/tech-morality-max-levchin/index.html

Are you have these kinds of high value discussions with clients and vendors? One point of view: You only need to do that if you want more money!

From there we pivot to charitable giving by high tech entrepreneurs.

Finally, we take a look at subscription services that are delightfully surprising. What subscription services you are surprised by?

Dave notes that subscribers will only subscribe to a limited number services. This is a huge argument for bundling your services!

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