Channel Partners Conference 2015 – Report One

This is the first report of two I’m doing on the Channel Partners Conference in Vegas last week.

The primary reason I attended is that many, many, people at the Channel Pro SMB event in Baltimore kept asking me if I was going.

I went a little early and connected with some folks. Then I stayed a little late and caught up with some others. I always recommend that strategy, as opposed to rushing in and rushing out. A lot of the “good stuff” at any conference takes place around the edges.

Zynstra and CloudMSP team (and Karl)

I was lucky enough to connect up with the whole Zynstra Hybrid Cloud team. They were in town for an HP Global Partner conference. Here we are at the MGM.

Pictured here are Daniel Langton (CloudMSP), me, James Tuff (Zynstra), Andrew Morlidge (Zynstra), Nick East (Zynstra), Rhett Ryder (Zynstra), and Jeff Ponts (CloudMSP).

Learn more at www.zynstra.com or www.mycloudmsp.com.

– – – – –

I interviewed several people. On this podcast, you’ll hear interviews with the following folks:


– Dave McGirr – Advocates for Business

Dave McGirr

– Dave is from Annapolis MD. He literally stopped me in the hallway to tell me how excited he is about the Zynstra Hybrid Cloud solution I had mentioned some time ago on a podcast.



– Paula Wong – Hayward Networks

Paula Wong

– Based in the SF Bay Area. Paula is a security specialist looking for IT partners. See www.haywardnetworks.com.


– Sam Ciaccia – Datto Networks

Sam Ciaccia

– Datto has offices in the U.S., Canada, London, and Australia. – Learn about the cool news for founder Austin McCord – and find out about the Datto Partner Conference in New Orleans! – www.dattopartnerconference.com and www.datto.com


Listen to all three interviews and my commentary here:

Listen to the Podcast.




Enjoy the recordings . . . I’ve got more coming soon from the Channel Partners event that just finished in Vegas.

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