Autotask Live Report: Axcient Featuring “Management by Exception” Interface

Steve Noel: Management by Exception Interface takes continuity to the next level


 I caught up with Steve “The Dude” Noel, Technical Sales Engineer with Axcient at the Autotask Community Live event.


Axcient’s big push right now is on their “Management by Exception” Interface for their business continuity solution. With this tool, you can get alerts if a good backup is not received within a specified time period.


On other fronts, Steve mentioned that Axcient is beginning to see more activity in the mid-market space in addition to the “S” side of SMB. (It is interesting that he’s the second person we interviewed that is seeing traction into the mid-market.)

You can find out more at www.axcient.com


or contact Steve directly at snoel@axcient.com.

 – Download the Interview with Steve Noel from Axcient  here.

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