Applications for the metaverse & how to prepare with David Rose, Author, SuperSight

Meet David Rose an entrepreneur, MIT lecturer, author, and expert on digital product innovation, and ambient computing. He is an expert on how businesses can thrive in digital disruption and how to best leverage next-generation technologies today.

The world’s first digital mirror for Neiman Marcus, a conversational balance table for SalesForce, and an AR germs visualization for P&G.. David is the inventor of some of the most revolutionary tech for some of the largest companies in the world.

As a VP at Warby Parker, he invented a phone-based vision test to make glasses more accessible for billions of people.

David has founded companies across industries, including a wireless healthcare company, Vitality, invented internet-connected medication packaging that CVS, Walgreens and Express Scripts now distribute. He also founded Ambient Devices, which embedded internet information in objects such as lamps, mirrors, and umbrellas.

He holds patents on photo sharing, interactive TV, ambient information displays, and medical devices. His home full of enchanted objects was featured in a NY Times video: a Google Earth coffee table that responds to hand gestures, Skype cabinetry, and a doorbell reminiscent of Mrs. Weasley’s clock that rings when a family member is on their way home.

As a sought-after thought-leader, David has appeared on national television, given multiple Ted talks, and is often invited to keynote business summits worldwide. David’s famous book, ‘Enchanted. Objects’ is the definitive manual on designing the Internet of Things.

His latest book SuperSight explains the “real-world Metaverse” and what augmented reality means for our lives, work, and the way we imagine the future.



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