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Episode 94 – Open Source RMM and Touchless Controls of the Future

One very serious topic, and two somewhat-lighter topics this week. Please post questions or comments. And don’t forget to share with your friends. Topic 1: Open Source Managed Service Tools? Here’s a seriously interesting question: Is open source…

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Mon Jan 11 2021: Tech shuts down Trump; AWS deals with HBO; CEO experience, and extortionware

.    Four things to know today   More tech fallout   A key detail to learn from AWS CEO Experience – is it as good as promised? AND Security moves in two kinds of extortion

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Low Code, No Code, and Platforms: Perspective for Providers from DayBack

An interview with John Sindelar, discussing low code and no code, as well as their approach to platforms. He offers insights on how providers should understand these key concepts.

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Pete Matheson: Using Video to Grow your IT Business

Host Karl sat down with Pete to talk about promoting IT businesses. Pete started his own MSP in 2011. For the next near decade that business grew, hit and exceeded the magic £1m turnover mark (one million pounds revenue), grew to 16-staff, strong and…

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Episode 93 – Online Shopping Report, Good News on Cybersecurity, Electricity

Topic 1: Forrester says US online holiday shopping to reach $173 B Constant question: How much of this is temporary vs. permanent? Have you built a store for your clients? We think this is a great opportunity for IT professionals. Related Link: …

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