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You May Have Missed... 

Lessons from the previous recession

From Monday, April 13th's episode: Starting off with some data from a survey conducted by The Hustle, focused on 212 small businesses that survived the recession of 2007 to 2009.
Among those companies, the leading two strategies were cutting fat and operating lean at 25%, and flexibility and pivoting at 18%.      60% of respondents focused on offensive moves, where they focused on upside benefits versus 40% on defensive moves to avoid losses and minimize downside risks.

Why do we care?

These are the data points I want to comment on.
First, this is more reinforcement of the guidance I’ve been offering pretty consistently – cash is king, and manage your expenses and hoard your cash.  That’s proven with historical data and it’s reinforced here.
The 60/40 split between offense and defense gives murky guidance – it’s too close in my mind to really use to leverage, but instead offers the thought that you need to chart your course based on your own situation.    There’s no silver bullet here, but instead a combination of being agile as well as both conservative with cash and opportunistic when you can.  
I wish it was a better soundbite – but it’s not.   If it was easy, everyone would be in management.  
Chromebooks... An opportunity? 
usework with
How is the Internet holding up?

From Wednesday, April 15th's episode: Outage incidents fell 40% last week compared with the previous week at ISPs, cloud computing vendors, and ISVs around the world, per data from Thousand Eyes.      This follows three weeks of higher than normal incident levels.    Outages among workplace collaboration providers fell 68%, and companies such as Slack and Zoom are apparently able to handle the increase in traffic.
And, per data from The New Stack, internet traffic remains 25 to 30% higher than usual.   Attacks are also up, with between a 20 and 70% increase in daily DDos attacks.    Windows Virtual Desktop usage has tripled, Teams is growing exponentially, and VPN usage is up 49%.

Why do we care?

Anyone in technology should take comfort in the fact that the core value has not only stayed but is in even more demand.  The technology is holding, and the infrastructure is there.    
So today, it’s a coherent three-part story.
The basics are solid – the underlying economy is there, just stopped.  So, businesses need to survive, and so leverage any program out there, and know you can serve needs now, and in the future.   
GE And Microsoft team up for patient monitoring

From Thursday, April 16th's episode: GE Healthcare is extending their collaboration with Microsoft and launching a COVID-19 patient monitoring software for health systems.
The software is a central hub for hospital staff to monitor patients in intensive care units, including on medical ventilation.     This system is based on Azure Cloud – and of note, GE Healthcare and Microsoft are waving everything but installation costs for the software until January 2021.

Why do we care?

This caught my eye for two reasons.
First, it’s monitoring and management for healthcare out of the cloud.    When there is discussion of the idea of higher value systems management, this is an example.   
The other notable piece here – I’ve been focused on advising providers not to wave labor.   Note what GE and Microsoft have done – they are reducing costs on the software and hardware, which are capital assets, but still charging for labor.
Take your lessons from these examples.


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